Zwitsal washing cream


This natural, lightly foaming Bath and Wash Cream with organic argan and avocado oil and with vitamin E gently cares for and cleanses the baby’s skin • Cares for and cleans the baby’s skin in a mild way • pH-neutral, mild and dermatologically tested. • With vitamin E • Extra soft and caring • Protects the skin against drying out • Anti-puncture formula This natural, light foaming Bath and Wash Cream with organic argan and avocado oil and with vitamin E gently cleanses and cares for the baby’s skin. For a lovely, soothing bath in the morning or evening. Gently cleanse your little one’s skin with Zwitsal Baby Soap-Free Wash Cream. This cream moisturizes the skin, making it feel wonderfully soft. And that all day long! Zwitsal has developed its extra nourishing Wash Cream to help your child start the day clean and fresh. This cream moisturizes the skin of your baby, toddler or preschooler, making it feel very soft and strong. It also protects against drying out of the skin, by maintaining the natural moisture balance. Zwitsal Baby Wash Cream consists of an lavish soft foam that transforms the bath into a fun play environment. So bathing is no longer a task, because your little one will want to stay in it for hours. And after washing, your baby, toddler or preschooler will smell the familiar Zwitsal scent all day long. The smaller packaging makes it easy to take the cream with you. Handy when you go on holiday, for example! Zwitsal Baby Wash Cream is pH skin neutral, mild and free of soap. It has also been extensively dermatologically tested, so you can be sure that it is perfectly tailored to the fragile skin of your little one. If your baby could choose, it chose Zwitsal!


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