Zwitsal Baby Wipes Lotion


Contains mild cleansing Zwitsal lotion for normal skin and keeps baby’s bottoms soft and protected. • Mild cleansing of normal skin. • Strong and sturdy. • pH neutral, dermatologically tested, mild and hypoallergenic. • Paraben and alcohol free. • Prevent diaper rash. • Keep baby’s bottoms soft and protected. Zwitsal Lotion Baby Wipes are intended for normal skin and have a mild cleansing effect. The wipes also help to prevent a diaper rash. This is because all Zwitsal wipes contain a zinc ointment ingredient. This neutralizes the aggressive effect of the urine. The wipes also contain vitamin E, which can bring the skin in better condition. The wipes also contain chamomile extracts, which can soften the skin. For example, the wipes not only have a cleaning effect, but also a caring effect. So they keep the baby’s bottom soft and protected. In addition, they help to prevent red bottoms. Furthermore, Zwitsal Lotion Wipes are very practical. The wipes are easy to remove one by one from the packaging. In addition, they are strong and sturdy, so they will not tear easily. This makes the Zwitsal wipes very pleasant to use. Of course, Zwitsal Lotion Baby Wipes are extensively dermatologically tested and they are pH skin neutral, hypoallergenic and paraben and alcohol free. So you can be sure that you are getting the best for your child. In short, Zwitsal Lotion Baby Wipes provide a nice moment for yourself and your baby with every diaper change. Zwitsal, we know how it feels.

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