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Chocomel is a chocolate milk produced by FrieslandCampina in Aalter. It was long produced by Nutricia and came into the possession of FrieslandCampina at the beginning of the 21st century. In Belgium, Chocomel is sold under the name Cécémel. The packaging carries the slogan ‘The only real’ (in French ‘Le seul vrai’). In addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, Chocomel is also (limited) available in Germany and Austria.

The trademark Chocomel was introduced in 1932 and registered by Martien Breij, director at the Baarnse Melkinrichting J.A. Breij. After the Second World War, the widow van Breij sold the brand name to Nutricia in Zoetermeer.

The brand is so well known that the word chocomel is often used in everyday parlance for chocolate milk in general. In Belgium, something similar applies to the word cécémel.

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